At The Waterblaster we are the ‘Big’ cleaning specialists.

Our Sydney-based company services the cleaning needs of residential, commercial, industrial, education, real estate and government businesses.

We take the hassle out of getting your cleaning jobs completed.


Our company is built on passion, we love what we do and helping others. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best outcome, striving for excellence and seeing the clients satisfaction when we complete the job.

Our professional staff work with the up-most care and professionalism, striving to provide our clients with peace of mind in order to guarantee the highest level of service.

We have stringent quality control systems which includes OH&S, on-site inspections and complex reporting systems.

Our trustworthy staff and honest work ethic has secured us a proven track record, earning us a high credibility in the marketplace.

Soft house washing

Your home is probably your largest investment and you know it is well worth the time and effort to take care of it.

Soft House washing can increase your home’s curb appeal which improves the exterior of your home and your property can also increase its value. Having these services done eliminates the risk of future repairs, renovations, and replacement of building materials.

Gutter cleaning

We clean residential and commercial gutters to ensure your gutters don’t become a host to unwanted leaves and twigs, mould, and debris.

A build-up of debris can disrupt the flow of water and can potentially cause damage to the foundation of your home and your roof, so it is important to stay on top of this, particularly heading into to cooler and wetter months of the year.

Window cleaning

Make your windows sparkle, and remove mould, marks, and stains by employing The Waterblaster to make them as good as new. A pressure washer can be used to clean the outside of windows safely and efficiently, as long as the window cleaning is approached with due care.

Our team knows the correct pressure to use, and has the right tools and experience to get the job done.